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Market Research for Startups and Small Companies – Part 1

Startups and small, under-funded companies are often stuck in a chicken-or-egg type dilemma when it comes to market research: They need good market research information in order to make key decisions in order to grow the company and make money; however, they need money in order to do the research to get the good market … Continue reading “Market Research for Startups and Small Companies – Part 1”

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty: Some “Fun Facts”

Most marketers and quality managers know, either intuitively or through direct experience, that customer satisfaction and loyalty is one of the, if not the most, important areas of a company’s operations to focus on and measure. Most of us know this, but nonetheless, it’s good to look at (or for many of us, re-visit) the … Continue reading “Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty: Some “Fun Facts””