Our philosophy and approach is to be our clients’ trusted adviser and their provider of the highest quality marketing research services.   We are not a large company, and we prefer it that way.  That said, while our firm is small, we service clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, and conduct research studies with widely varying scope, from local focus groups all the way up to multiple-methodology international research studies.

After many combined years at larger market research firms, advertising agencies and consultancies, we’ve concluded that the best way to provide high-quality, high-value market research and consulting services to our clients is to keep the project team small, comprised only of the principal and key strategic consultants and suppliers, and to maintain direct client-principal contact throughout the project.  With this “smaller is better” approach, we bring a wealth of expertise and our fullest attention to all of our projects.

The people you see and talk to before your project starts are the same people who will actually be working day-to-day on your project.  All of our projects are personally handled by Jim Young and his associates.  Furthermore, Mr. Young is available to his clients at all times throughout the duration of the project for either in-person or telephone meetings.  We strongly believe that only through this kind of partner relationship can the success of the project, and of our clients, be assured.