The Future Can Change Before It Gets Here

This isn’t specifically about marketing research, but wanted to post anyway.  It shows how quickly innovations are coming; in fact, so quick that some are obsolete before they can be fully developed and brought to market.

Planning and Prioritizing Your Marketing Research

Well-run organizations will typically have comprehensive, detailed and long-term marketing plans in place to guide them on what is often a complicated, detail-heavy and extremely important operational undertaking. The marketing plan guides the marketing activities of a company for a certain timeframe, typically a year, but often for longer than that. The structure of this … Continue reading “Planning and Prioritizing Your Marketing Research”

6 Essential Market Research Questions

(Note: This post is a white paper which is now in Resource Center as well) Six Essential Market Research Questions In working with a wide variety of client organizations over the past 25 years, we have covered many areas of investigation and asked countless different types of questions. In looking back at this large body … Continue reading “6 Essential Market Research Questions”

What Is Your Brand Strength?

I just wanted to post our latest article, which you can also find on eZine as well as the Resources page of our website. Measuring and tracking the brand strength is a critical initiative for most organizations, yet we’ve found that not many organizations are doing it. Have a read: Every organization’s primary goal, whether … Continue reading “What Is Your Brand Strength?”

Expert Panels for Product Development and Improvement

Marketers and engineers often have the need for customer feedback that goes deeper and into more detail than the typical satisfaction survey or new product concept tests among a random group of product users. What is needed is the type of expert feedback, from an “early adopter” group of product category users, that can help … Continue reading “Expert Panels for Product Development and Improvement”

The Third Industrial Revolution

A very interesting article by Jeremy Rifkin (he’s a big thinker). Hopefully the TIR will come sooner rather than later. Public policy (a la what Germany is doing) can help us realize what Rifkin is describing more quickly and with less pain.

Integrating Marketing Research into Your Decision Systems

In our experience, most companies do not have a well-planned and budgeted research program at the beginning of each year. The result of this lack of planning is typically less than adequate research and wasted research dollars. The question then is, how do you plan and budget for research? The following gives a step-by-step process … Continue reading “Integrating Marketing Research into Your Decision Systems”

Social Media Research: An Overview of Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Social media research is still a very young field in market research and, in fact, at this point we can’t definitively call it market research, for at least a couple of reasons (more on that in a second). It is not hard to see that social media monitoring has the potential to be a valuable … Continue reading “Social Media Research: An Overview of Where We Are and Where We’re Going”

Market Research for Startups and Small Companies – Part 3

PART 3: BLOGS AND SOCIAL MEDIA Blogs Tracking relevant, influential blogs can be a very effective method for monitoring what influencers are saying about your brand, as well as competitor brands. In addition, blogs can be an excellent resource for assessing sentiment and trends within your industry as well as in the economy at large. … Continue reading “Market Research for Startups and Small Companies – Part 3”

Market Research for Startups and Small Companies – Part 2

PART 2: CUTTING THE COSTS OF PRIMARY RESEARCH Following is Part 2 of this three-part blog entry, “Cutting the Costs of Primary Research” The recommendations listed in Part 1: Secondary Information Sources, all involve secondary methods for collecting research information; that is, information that is already available, either via third party research not done for … Continue reading “Market Research for Startups and Small Companies – Part 2”